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Meet FARMA T17. A trailer developed for our European market, but also popular with Scandinavian users. T17 is a double frame trailer for forest owners who need to transport large volumes and want a high degree of productivity. The high ground clearance of 630 mm and the low ground pressure ensure excellent accessibility.

T17 has an ample load length of 5400 mm, which together with a load area of 3.3 m2 makes FARMA T17 a really effective partner when working in the forest. Despite the large format FARMA T17 is surprisingly flexible and compliant, very much thanks to its 40-degree frame steering with attachment far back in the trailer, in a typical Farma way.

In terms of specifications and equipment FARMA T17 is a flexible trailer, where the customer can choose between hub or Robson drive, alternatively without drive for use as road transport. The trailer is equipped with flap-down support legs for greater stability. T17 is adapted for our longest and most powerful cranes. The trailer can be equipped with swivel supports and forwarder banks. Extra banks can be installed if necessary. T17 is available with wheel dimensions from 500/60-22.5 up to 710/40-22.5.

Note! FARMA has changed the color of our trailers to an olive-green colour. You will find that color on the majority of trailers and FARMA accessories on the website. However, there may still be pictures of accessories and the trailer in the old colour.

The trailer pictured is extra equipped with extension posts. The trailer might contain other accessories that are not included as standard.

Loading area (m2) 3,2
Ground clearance (mm) 675
Wheel dimension in standard 600/50 R22,5
Gross weight (Kg) 17 000
Weight basic trailer (Kg) 3 300
Steering angle with frame steering 40

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